[08/07/2018] - DAC Collection
[08/07/2018] - DAC Collection

Magic Eyelashes

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What's the "magic" behind these eyelashes?

Well - they're magnetic and reusable. Forget eyelash glue or a sticky mess. These eyelashes are easy to use, last long, and look amazing!

Size: 26mm x 12mm

3 Magnets in each lash.

Why Magic Eyelashes?

  • Ultimately they can save you a lot of money. If you’re the type of person who goes through sets of false and tubes of lash glue like water, then these lashes are great alternative. 
  • They are a lot quicker. Once you’ve got the hang of how to apply them, you can apparently do it in seconds, as opposed to having to wait for the to become tacky, then holding them in place for 20 seconds and spending an eternity trying to get them in just the right place. Plus if they fall off, you can just put them back on, rather than walking around with half a lash hanging off your face. (We’ve all been there.)
  • They’re better for the environment. Not that regular falsies are bad, but these lashes don’t get put in the bin so that's less to go to land fill. Plus they’re vegan so you knew they're animal friendly.


How To Use:

  1. Position one of the Magnetic Eyelashes (without the red dot) on top of your natural lashes - so the outside edges line up.
  2. Pick the other Magnetic Eyelash (with the red dot) and place it on the bottom of your natural lashes.
  3. Both the top and bottom are magnetic and will join seamlessly.

Quantity: 4 pcs in a box (2 pairs)



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